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Software Tools to Manage Your Expensive Assets

1. DrillBoss Drill Rig Manager provides Drill Crews and Project Managers with the tools to Communicate, Schedule, Track, Record, Cost, Invoice all drilling and related activities. Includes Core Drilling, Reverse Circulation, Blasting. and other drilling types.

2. DecisiveCost© for Heavy Equipment is a revolutionary computer program that calculates the precise cost of each piece heavy equipment in your inventory. From a small skid loader to a large hydraulic excavator, DecisiveCost© will help you determine the owning and operating cost for each of your machines.

3. DecisiveCost for Trucks is the first tool in the world to calculate true trip costs. Each trip your trucks make cost you a different cost per mile. This tool permits you to know in advance how much a trip will cost. Calculates your trip cost in; cost per mile, cost per ton, cost per kilo, cost per cubic yard, or cost per hour.

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4. DecisiveCost for Light Equipment will help you keep up with the many small tools and machines that you own. From a impact drill to a generator, from a pump to a laser your organization has invested thousands of dollars into these tools. The loss of one is bad but the loss of productivity to a man or a crew is substantially worse! Now you will know who had it last? What condition was it returned in? Is it ready to go out in the field? If it is a rental, When is it due back? Is it late? All of this plus much more.

5. Equipment Life Cycle Timeline is a unique tool that actually shows you ideal point to sell or buy new equipment. This tool helps today’s managers to know exactly how much it will cost you to keep a machine past any give hour in a machine’s life cycle. Buy too soon and it costs you big dollars. Sell too late and you also pay a price.

6. Fuel and Utilization Suite helps you to keep up with real time information as to the daily condition use and utilization of your equipment fleet. Instantly have updated hours or miles on each piece of equipment. Track fuel consumption, The Fuel and Utilization Suite of tools and reports give the owner unparalleled vision into how well he is using his valuable machine assets and suggest ways to improve. It not unusual for owners to discover ways to increase utilization and hundreds of thousands of dollars of other wise lost money with these tools

7. Equipment Scheduling and Reservation System Every year millions of dollars are lost because equipment is not properly scheduled. estimators use company owned equipment in an estimate that is not available and needs to be rented. Equipment is removed from one job and moved to another on an emergency basis, Rental equipment does not get back when it is supposed to go back. Now you can see the exact schedule of each piece of equipment in you fleet, Where it is today, where it will be next month. You will know; Can it be scheduled? Do You need to rent or buy another?