Machinery Dealers and OEM’s

Machinery Dealers and OEM’s

Dealers and OEM’s are under increasing pressure to produce Owning and Operating cost calculations on an hourly or tonnage basis. Your customers expect you to be able to provide accurate information. We have solutions for both Machinery Dealers and OEM’s.

We provide:

  • Consulting Services
  • Software Tools
  • Education Services

The act of costing machinery is highly dynamic process that depends on many different variables which interact with each other. For example, as the application changes, so does the wear on parts and components. Fuel usage is also often affected.

These dynamic inter-relationships are not easily or well represented in a common spreadsheet. Without the ability to take into account these variable factors, accuracy of calculations will suffer DecisiveCost suite of tools, makes use of one of the world’s most powerful type of database to calculate the cost of your machinery.

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Dynamic Lifecycle Costing for Machinery and Vehicles.