About us

About us

DecisiveCost designs State-of-the-Art software systems that empower it’s clients to increase their profitability and productivity. Our software is designed with ease of use in mind. Our DecisiveCost technology was designed over tens of thousands of hours of research, engineering, coding and testing by top-level programmers and in consultation with heavy equipment experts. With all of our products, we are happy only when our products are considered to be Best-in-Class.

DecisiveCost, was founded in January of 2000. It is located in Clearwater, Florida. It is a privately held Florida Corporation. Our products and technology is marketed through several certified DecisiveCost channels:

  • Direct Employees
  • Cost Service Providers
  • Heavy Equipment Manufactures
  • Equipment Distributors and Dealers
  • Leading Software Developers

DecisiveCost was formed to provide executives and managers with tools that help them make better business decisions. These tools harness the tremendous computation power of today’s computer systems.

We believe the next generation of programs will be written to help managers make informed decisions. These tools will not take the process out of the hands of the manager. They will act as an aid in making the correct decisions involving complex issues of true cost, profitability, risk control, and productivity. Just as the adding machine brought accuracy to the storekeeper, these tools will aid today’s managers.