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What is the Difference between DecisiveCost Gold and the Free Cost Calculator?

Free is good but making money is better
Our free cost calculator is similar to cost calculators supplied by heavy equipment manufacturers. If you need a quick approximation, this calculator will get you in the ballpark. The 16 cost factors represent major cost points that make up a percentage of cost, but not all costs. We call this type of a calculator a static lifecycle cost calculator because it does not adapt to changing conditions of machine use. These changing conditions can and does have a huge effect on your actual cost.

What is not included in the free version
Our Gold version of DecisiveCost has hundreds of additional capabilities. A major difference between the two calculators is what we call Dynamic Lifecycle Costing that takes into account differing equipment operating conditions. These equipment operating conditions include many conditions within the following areas of operator, work type, job site and geological conditions.

One example of the many variables is Fuel Usage. If you look in any Caterpillar Performance Handbook, you will see a fuel use range of about 200% from low to high. Using a “middle of the road” approach almost certainly guarantees you an under or over priced results. Either way this results in a loss of money. Either because you lost jobs you could otherwise get or you take jobs that may be under priced because your cost went up. Correct costing involves taking into account 125 cost conditions or more depending on equipment type and thousands of variations. DecisiveCost does this all in seconds and remembers the information for future jobs or estimate follow-up.

Other major differences are found in the specific calculations used in the calculator. The Gold version of DecisiveCost calculates how much your Repair Budget will cost. The free version asks you to calculate this and other amounts.

Here are some of the many tools to help:

On the average, we can usually show you how with only 10 machines, we can make you an extra $250,000 with DecisiveCost, even if you are using our free calculator. The first step to increased profits with heavy machinery is to accurately know your cost and how it changes from job to job. DecisiveCost does this for you!

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